The Summit Bar
133 Avenue C
no phone

What a fabulous little spot this is, Greg Seider and Hamid Rashidzada's The Summit Bar. They have a long resume that would impress - Mercer Kitchen, Minetta Tavern, the Box, Jojo, etc. But forget that and just meander in for the unpretentious and great drinks. Yes, they do all that vigorous shaking and use that oh- so- loaded word 'mixologist' but there's none of the annoying sit-down rules, hidden telephone entrances and long fake waits outside. Instead you get just great drinks, $8 - $9 for a classic cocktail (Dark & Stormy, Gimlet, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, French 75) or $10 - $12 for an alchemist, which having tried five on the list, is well worth it. Drinks here are more food- inspired than other spots, with juices ground each morning and such wonderful details as chili pepper, shiso leaves, home-made coffee liquer (from Greg's favourite Stumptown blend.) The names are also delightful; Say Hello to My Little Friend (a fresh lemonade with the Bolivian Coca Leaf liqueur, Agwa de Bolivia), Bobs Your Uncle (DH Krahn Thai botanical infused gin, a lime basil lemongrass agave infusion, chili pepper, fresh lemon juice, soda) and Off to The Races (a peachy version of the classic Mint Julep). It's a place where the drinks are meaningful but not self- important.


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