Just Calm Down
32 West 22nd Street
212 337 0032

Ever heard a song so many times that you could scream? Well, the last place you would want this to happen is during a massage at the spa. When the Origins Day Spa did away with letting you pick your own music from their collection, we stopped trekking to Chelsea. Now we have something much, much better. Just Calm Down, from co- owners Tara J. Oolie and Christine Cortese, answers all the things we wish a spa had. The hand massage at the END of the manicure. Rooms for two so we can yak with a companion during treatments. A free tweeze at the end of each facial instead of a surprise extra twenty dollar add- on charge. Icy chocolate milk or hot cocoa during manicures. Choice of the essential oils used in your treatment so you smell the way you like. And of course, the tunes you want from their library.


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