594 Broadway, Suite 403
595 Madison Avenue, 14th floor
212 931 8363 Soho
212 223 2872 Madison

Wow. We want Shobha to succeed and take over the beauty world. We're not sure if it's the divine smelling jasmine candles in the warm yellow room with wispy garnet curtains, the old world treatments of threading and sugaring, or just that we liked her so much. If you're still tweazing or waxing, this place will change your mind forever. The ancient process of threading, twisting a thread to remove hair, is less painful, faster, more accurate and more sanitary. Not only that, anyone on Accutane or other medications that can't go for other treatments can have threading done. Sugaring, a mixture Shobha makes herself, that includes sugar and lemon juice is less painful than waxing, more natural, and done with a denim cloth that is more accurate. With two convenient locations and all the reasons above, why would you ever have a laser or any other artifical treatment ever again?


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