Rita Hazan Salon
720 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor
212 734 4757

Everything and everyone in this salon has colour - and personality. From the aqua walls to the hilarious stories the stylists are telling each other and clients, Rita's salon is alive with life and fervor. Known for doing the kind of hair colour that says "I am fabulous" (she's the one who made Britney blonde for that comeback look and Jessica Simpson superblonde when she separated from Nick), Hazan is also the go-to person for Jennifer Lopez and Brooke Shields when they want highlights. This salon also has a private room for all those senators who don't want anyone to know they colour their grey and women whose religion prevents them from shedding their garments in front of the men of the salon. If you want to send a message to your no- longer- significant- other via hair colour, this is the place.


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