Auriga Spa
400 Fifth Avenue
The Setai Fifth Avenue
212 613 8720

With a very-pared down staff, the delightful Auriga spa is all about the space and the treatments. Circling the entire fourth floor (at a staggering 11,500 square feet, we defy you not to get lost), this spa includes experience showers (where you can change everything from the music to the exact temp to the color inside), a Jacuzzi with window views of the city, a mixed-gender "hammam" (steam room with a shower not the traditional Turkish bath) with self-administered mud and salt, women's and men's saunas and steam rooms, eleven private treatment rooms including wet rooms and couples rooms as well as a Julien Farel salon (stylists come in on appointment). Treatments are centered around massages, exfoliations and wraps with themed efforts around the new, waxing, full and waning of the moon. (Auriga is a constellation after all.) Signature treatments such as the Waning Moon cleansing might include foot massage, seaweed wrap, facial massage offering a complete detox via pressure point techniques. Or you can break it down in to just the wrap or just the exfoliation, each themed to the four moon phases. A 1-hour Invigorating wrap for the new moon is with eucalyptus and rosemary taking you through a scrub, a mud wrap, scalp rub, followed by a moisturiser application. A Nourishing exfoliation uses salt, sugar, rose petals and rose oils. The most focused offering might be the green coffee body treatment which seeks to improve micro circulation in those problem areas. For those who just want to relax, you can always just use water rooms, $50 for the day or free with a 1-hour treatment.


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