MiN New York
117 Crosby Street
212 206 6366

This emporium of scent is so much more than that. Though they specialise in hard to find fragrances such as Angelo di Fiume by Linari Fine Fragrances, Liasons Dangereuses, Typical Me by Kilian, or Caravelle Epicée by Frapin, the consumer is not left on his or her own to figure out what's happening. If you allow the MiN folks such as Mindy Yang, to scent map you, they'll lead you to undiscovered territories and unique aromas. Events open to the public such as the Scents for Foodies or Aphrodisiacs help you discover the sensory matches between food and drink or individual hormonal responses. As well, this shop carries a ton of haircare, bath and body and men's grooming ranges including Caron, CO Bigelow, DL & Company, Elygdium, Erno Laszlo, Infusion Organique, La Roche Posay, Marvis, Miller Harris, Nickel, and Penhaligon's. As if that weren't enough, they make their own range, MiN New York, including a post-shave cream for men like no other on the market.


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