Ruby Falls
609 West 29th Street
212 643 6464

Maybe New York club goers have finally become too jaded. Reviews on this space are coming back multiple personality - love, hate, love, hate. Architect Csanad Bodnar has done so many things that among his projects (the design of Shea Stadium, LQ, all the Jimmy's (Bronx Cafe, Uptown, Downtown) and Suede) is the New York Psychiatric Institute so maybe there's something to the karma of people passing through the door. Ruby Falls itself, diverse instead of multiple personality, with it's circular dance space overlooking the bar and "Captains Crow Nest Hideaway", has strong support for this way of clubbing, including Jennifer Lopez who believes so much that she gave the staff the lingerie off her back. Well, okay, from her J-Lo lingerie line anyway. We say unequivocally that at the time of the opening, this was the best space in New York. What looks like it might once have been a mini- airplane hangar or realistically a taxi storage station, the stupendously high curved ceiling and slick wooden tiered floors surrounding the bar make for the best socialising and see -be- seen room we've seen. Bette Korman has signed on to be the Gallery Director and Elli Jafari (Pearl, Nikki Beach, The Bellagio, Postrio, Spago) has joined to be the Club Manager. While Ruby Falls probably can't live up to it's promise of the best of art, live music and fashion ALL at once, it's a nifty dance palace for sure.


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