Studio XXI
59 West 21st Street
212 727 7775

Citrine is reborn as Studio XXI. And they maintain their "no weird themes" demeanor. Just a come one come all attitude that seems to work for it so far. Sure it's had some names (Lance Bass, The Pierces, Samantha Ronson) and some parties (Richie Rich's CD Celebutante and Rock the Vote on Election Night) but beneath the surface of the usual set up (enclosed DJ booth, bottle service set up to encourage you to order a few, on low tables surrounding a long space, surprise, surprise), what sets this spot apart is a relaxed feeling on most weeknights. You just don't feel like they're out to mug your wallet. Wait staff who are genuinely friendly, doormen who truly are happy to see you, and a bon vivant atmosphere in the spot that seems to permeate the evenings here. At least weekdays anyway. Perhaps that's just the general tide of nightlife as more places embrace the attitude that a relaxed customer will spend more money than one from whom it's been forced out. We also like that they seem to be willing to bring in DJs who play more to the crowd than their own egos.


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