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private parties
Q:I thought the 80s were over. We went to a new bar the other day and the bouncer- door guy told us it was a private party. Whose still throwing these extravagant things and is there really a private party on a Tuesday night at 10 p.m.?

-- "Not Invited To The Private Party"

A:My dear, my dear. Before we crush your ego into non-existence, let us just say, there is a wee chance there really is a private function going on. Especially since you went to a venue early in the week when it is cheaper for companies and personalities to rent spaces and throw shindigs. However, there's also a really good chance - since you say there's always a private party when YOU go - that "private party" is their euphemistic way of saying "not you."

It's easier than telling all the nine million reasons why you're not right for their room that night and less time consuming than giving you on the spot therapy. Before you sign up for Losers Anonymous, let it be said that some of your reasons for not being admitted may be fixable. Swallow your pride about "not wanting to deal with the scene" (you went there, didn't you?)and ask a chic friend what you could improve. Are you showing up with all guys? Are you wearing ratty running shoes to a place selling Dom? Perhaps you just need to make friends with the clipboard guard. Better yet, just take your chic friend with you.

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